How can digital marketing help your business survive this recession?


Are you stuck with creating a marketing strategy for your e-commerce business? Do you want to know more about how digital marketing can help your business survive? Do you want to know how we do it? Then keep reading

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Recent research found that 37 million social media visits led to about 529,000 orders. Facebook increases website traffic, which leads to sales of 85% of orders on average.

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How can digital marketing help your business survive this recession?

A solid marketing strategy 

A proper marketing strategy is a must for any business to sustain itself in the long run.

At RVM Digital, We help you to identify the major four questions to form the strategy:

Who are your targets? For example, if you are a retail e-commerce business, the age group between 18 to 40 might be your target audience.


When is the right time to start? There is nothing like perfect timing.

Example: If you are in the seasonal goods business, plan your marketing plan. This way it helps you to be in business at the right time.


Where do you even begin? At this stage, we help you to analyze where your business stands and how we can help with our digital marketing.


For example, we will analyze how your current e-commerce website is and then will note down the gap.  After identifying it we will create a marketing plan which includes the:

Which content to create for brand awareness?  What are the primary keywords for Website SEO optimization? Which marketing campaigns will have a wider reach?

What do you need? We will devise a proper outline based on the business nature of what you do. and devise marketing services based on it.

For example, if you are product-oriented then we can have a marketing plan with product meta descriptions along with the prices on the website with the call to action button. 

If it is service-oriented marketing then we can list the services you do in a video format to gain customer testimonials and feedback for good google ratings.

This way we can help you to be more precise in your marketing strategy.

Website marketing

The ability to maintain a strong digital presence is one of the main components of e-commerce. A website serves as the central spot for all digital marketing activities. 

Website marketing involves ranking high in search results. We help you achieve the ranking on the first page by

Adding engaging content to your website.

Using strategies to improve your visibility on Google.

Posting on social media.

Paid Marketing Campaigns

To effectively reach a customer, we will target your customer base, connect digital marketing campaigns across all channels, and anticipate what action the customer will take next.

In this way, we will drive all traffic from marketing campaigns to the website homepage.

With Google Analytics we can identify:

How many people visit your website daily?

What pages will they look at?

Do Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns have any effect on sales conversion?

This helps you to keep tracking user behavior and change the strategy. 

Branding - Content Creation

Building an e-commerce brand is essential for the growth of any business. Customers will choose you over your rivals if your strong brand gives you an advantage.  

Benefits of branding:

Consistent branding boosts sales: Digital marketing agencies help you with consistency in your brand image.  They help your brand's identity and values to be recognizable across marketing platforms.

Enhancing your customer relationships: With a strong brand image, they help to raise your average order values, buying frequency, and the percentage of retention of customers who will connect with you.

Reduction of customer acquisition costs: They do constant brand awareness with content creation in various formats like carousels, podcasts, videos, blogs, infographics, memes, commercials, and so on so that your name is already known in the market.

Customer testimonials and feedback: They help you understand your customer better with constant reviews and feedback.

Proven Case Study:

A survey conducted by Lucidpress where 200 brand management experts revealed that 

1. Brand consistency often boosts income by 33%.

2. The lifetime value of attached clients is 306% higher.

3. For an e-commerce website, the typical cost of acquiring a customer is about $58.64.

4. Consumers want a brand's values to match their own, according to 82% of consumers.

        4. Search Engine Optimization 

SEO will make your website more visible on search engine result pages (SERP)s. If you have not considered using SEO for your website yet, it is not too late; start thinking about it now. 

So what do we do to achieve it?

Keyword Research - We identify the most specific keywords related to your business.

Identify the gaps: We use the best reporting tools like SEMRUSH, and UBER Suggest to identify gaps and analyze the growth areas.

Action Plan: We create a tailored action plan. In this way, it scales and helps to achieve the most challenging targets.

Results: We will analyze the growth SEO plan. This ensures that you achieve your targets as we always work to maximize returns.

Apart from this, we help you with

Assessments for inbound and outbound links.

Calculate the reaction times and page loading speed.

Include metadata details and backlink scoring

Recommendation on the improvements

         5. Social Media Marketing

The use of social media has altered in recent years. To sustain the competition the e-commerce business has to use social media to build stronger "relational" connections with their clients.

So how we manage social media content for various platforms:

We will post in formats for different social media platforms to appeal to all audiences.

We make the content more engaging and interactive so that you have more followers.

We will help you with influential marketing for better reach,

We make videos and reels on Instagram and Facebook to feel the brand's presence. 


Digital marketing has a lot to offer to e-commerce businesses. By being original, and unique, and staying current on the newest trends, e-commerce businesses can appeal to new and potential customers.

RVM Digital is a leading New Age Media and Digital Marketing Agency. We develop customized digital marketing, social media content, and search engine optimization approaches that maximize your company's potential, increasing online exposure and revenue.


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